I love the colors of fall. The season is changing and along with it come bonfires, hoodies, trips to the apple orchards, and more activities than I know what to do with. Every year around this time, however, I always seem to get a shift in perspective… the “blahs” and “I don’t wannas”. It may have to do with less sunlight or maybe with being outside less, or even with having a busier schedule, but it is what it is and I have to roll with it with as much grace and dignity as humanly possible.

Luckily, experience has shown that these blahs never last, but it sure is nice to have a ladder to come up for air from it. There are a few things that I try to do every day when I am not feeling the most motivated, I don’t wake up with rainbows and butterflies shooting out of my arse, or need an attitude adjustment. The coolest thing about it is, no matter how futile it sounds when I set out to do them, it always works. Seriously. I am going to share them with you and hopefully they can bring a little sunshine into your days when there is a strong overcast.



Yes, I know, I beat this like a dead horse, but IT WORKS. Even on days where slowing my mind seems like it is the most painful thing in the world, something as simple as one minute of quiet meditation can make all the difference.

Smiling AND saying hi to at least 3 strangers when out

This is my favorite.   I can get so into myself if I am not careful.   Most people are not evil, hateful beings.   It takes just as much effort to smile at the cashier that hands you your change as it does to scowl so you really have nothing to lose by trying this.   Something as simple as smiling at someone and saying “hi” can brighten someone’s day.   There is no better way to brighten your day than to brighten someone else’s.

Oil up

It’s no secret. I use essential oils in nearly every aspect of my life and this one is no different. There have blends that aromatically lifts your spirits as well as help therapeutically. Double win. You can even keep a nasal inhaler with you in case your spirits need lifting on the go and you don’t want to necessarily smell like it.

Finding natural beauty

Taking a moment to appreciate nature and really take in it’s wonder can completely reset your day. There is nothing as powerful as reveling in the beauty of something that is so much bigger than you are. It doesn’t have to be huge, sometimes something as simple as noticing the late blooming rose in my rosebush can put you into a state of appreciation and awe.

Calling a friend or loved one

AND NOT TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF. Sometimes working from home and especially when I am ill and can’t get out much, it is easy for my world to shrink. It is always uplifting to
a.) be reminded that there are more people in this world than just your family and you,
b.) to hear about what is going on with a loved one or friend (or both), and
c). that you really am blessed to have such awesome people in you life.


Going for a walk, run, or even doing a few push ups between tasks. It gets the blood pumping, releases all those happy chemicals, and also (at least for me) helps you feel just a little more accomplished in the day. Commit to a short time of movement, usually once you’re moving, the momentum is there to go longer.


Hopefully you are able to benefit from these as much as I do. If you want to learn more about meditation, essential oils, or exercising, check out my little shop, I would love to help you!


(Bonus: On really nasty, no good, very bad, days, try making a list of 3 things about your day that make you smile)

I want to hear how you brighten your day when it just doesn’t start out that way in the comments below!


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