A friend once told me that it was suggested to her that if she wanted to find a partner, to make room in her life for her ideal man. I really liked the idea of that. The idea of preparing for something great to enter our lives. It is the law of attraction at it’s finest.

That way when it arrives we can properly accept it rather than scurrying around trying to figure out how to fit it into our already crazy busy lives. I have tried to live in that manner ever since.

There’s one thing that I never prepared for when I started the practice of creating space in my life, and that’s that with life ever evolving and changing, with wonderful things being placed in my path (along with the not-so-wonderful), that this space will quickly be filled if there isn’t an ongoing process of letting go of what no longer serves, consolidating, and creating new space.

When I speak of creating space, I am not only speaking in terms of time, but also to physical space as well as open-mindedness.

One of the biggest challenges I have found with this is structure. This is a personal challenge due to my health issues and also with working from home. There are parts of my life that I simply do not run well without and there are parts that seems to creep in and suck time and energy that aren’t vital.


Here’s how you can create space in your own life to make room for something wonderful to enter:

Take an inventory of how you are spending your time.

For one week keep track of EVERYTHING you do throughout the day. How much time are you spending surfing the web? Checking on social media? Watching TV? Putting into personal growth? Spent with your family? This will give you a clear view of what you have to work with. You may be surprised at what you find.


Take a look at your living environment.

Is it cluttered? Is it neat and tidy? Is it open? Is it jam packed so full that bringing in groceries puts your home into overload? Once you have scanned your living space, realistically determine what you really need there. Get rid of furniture or items that are just occupying space and put away or store the things that don’t currently have a given spot. This will help give you a more clear view of which direction you want your path to lead.


Open your mind

If a life changing opportunity fell into your lap tomorrow but it didn’t fit into the picture you have in your head of what your life “should” look like, would you take it? Or would you let it pass you by? I know that I rarely know what I truly want or need until the moment arrives so why would I discount opportunities that present themselves without giving them thought.


Let go of whatever no longer serves you

Items, relationships, activities, jobs, whatever it is, if it is draining your time, serenity, and blocking you, chances are you should probably let it go. This can be scary and uncomfortable, but it will open you up to great things.


The process of creating space can be difficult at times, it can require many adjustments, but it is totally worth it and whenever I do it, great things always follow.

Another way you can create space is through meditation. Creating the mindset to become more open both physically and mentally. Here is a free meditation from Stress Free Naturally for just that purpose!

How do you create space in your life? Share in the comments below!


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