Frequently, I notice two things that happen when people start using essential oils. I am using the term using them loosely.

  • They become a pricey, high quality shelf ornament or paperweight.
  • They are used with little regard for their potency or safety.

I get it, I was once guilty of being on both ends of this spectrum. For some time I would run down to the local new-age store, grab a roller bottle of some low quality patchouli and lather it on. Once I began dabbling in higher quality oils, it was mainly to make my own skin care products. I was also guilty of eating organic, whole foods, preparing most of what I consumed at home, but then running down to the discount store and buying their generic skin care products. What a waste! Going through all that trouble to prevent consuming toxins and additives, then going and putting them all over my body. Boat = missed.

The idea of diving into something that is natural, holistic sounds appealing to a lot of people. Then they find themselves with a few bottles of oils and absolutely no idea how to use them. This is where one of three things happen: they learn how to use them, the don’t use them, or they just use them with little to no regard of if they are using them properly.

Over the years, I have become more informed. More aware of how potent the oils are, aware of the therapeutic benefits of them when they are high quality. I have developed personal preferences. I have learned what to do after I open the bottle. I have found that aromatherapy is not only a science, but also an art.

3 Of My Favorite Ways to Use Essential Oils

Nasal Inhalers

This is one of the easiest ways to use oils aromatically on the go. I use oils to help promote a normal blood pressure and for cardiovascular support as well as for seasonal relief and boosting energy. Some of these oils, I love the smell and don’t mind wearing, but there are some that I use therapeutically that I would prefer not to smell like. Either way, I can carry the inhaler in my purse and use it whenever I need to.


Another super easy way to use the oils. From what I have learned, it is one of the safest as well. I am a bit of a diffuser snob. We keep them in every room of our home and use them frequently. I love to diffuse oils and blends that are uplifting. Mostly to help inspire focus and are mood elevating. Sometimes I go for smell, but usually I find something that has an aroma I enjoy but also therapeutic properties that are conducive to what I am doing at the time.

In home-made products

If you are starting to notice, I am a big fan of simplicity. I keep unscented lotions and carrier oils on hand so I can use them as needed, but I love having stuff pre-blended that is handy and easy to use. I use a blend in my lip balm that keeps environmental and seasonal threats under control. I didn’t even notice how much it helped until we were mid-way into summer and I realized the seasons weren’t affecting me at all. When I gift oils, it is almost always in a manner that is pre-blended and easy to use or in a product that is, again, easy to use. Rollerballs are also a great way to pre-mix your essential oil blends and dilute them ahead of time. This makes it easy to use on the run.

I have developed a love for working with others, helping them to learn how to use the oils. Helping them to become more informed, how to do their own research. Knowledge is power, and these oils are amazing and have completely changed the way I look at promoting wellness in my home.

The key is actually using your oils. It is the only way you will experience the benefits. If you want to learn how to use them in a way that applies to you, join the free 5 Days of Essential Oils Challenge. You will learn about essential oils, how they are used, and you will also learn how to regularly use them in a way that applies to your individual lifestyle.

Join the FREE 5 Days of Essential Oils Challenge
Do you use essential oils? If so share in the comments convenient ways you’ve learned to use them!


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