One of the easiest ways I have learned to share my message with others is through the power of speaking. When it comes to speaking engagements, no event is too big or too small. I’d love to come and speak at your next event!


My blend of personal and professional experience in a variety of holistic health topics offers a unique message that is easily relatable and equally moving.

Giving Up On "Weight Loss"
One thing I have learned through my own personal battle with obesity and my work as a holistic health coaching, personal trainer, and weight loss counselor is that what the scale reflects is but a small part of a bigger picture. Let me share with your group why I abandoned my “big draw” of focusing my work on weight loss and how many have found an easier, more effective, long-term way of living a life they love! (spoiler… there is weight loss, but it is as a result of addressing the larger issue)

Learn my 4 main areas of focus to really create tangible results that will last a lifetime!

Mind-Body Stress RELIEF!
As a society we are over-stressed and neglecting ourselves!

Let me share with your group how stress affects us physically along with how the chemicals and toxins we expose ourselves to affects us emotionally. Learn how to find a happy balance while implementing easy ways to lower the amount of collective stress we put ourselves under on a daily basis. Find techniques to keep your guilty pleasures while experiencing major stress relief!

Blissed Out in the 21st Century
Spirituality. It’s a scary word to many.

Let me share with your group how to find a deeper connection no matter the religious affiliation (or lack thereof). Studies have shown that prayer and meditation have HUGE health and wellness benefits. Let me share with your group easy ways to create a spiritual practice that is personal, meaningful, and effective. From stay at home mom to high-powered business associate, I share tools that are useful to everyone.

Blissed Out, Sober, and Healthy
Getting sober was the best decision I ever made. Let me share with your group why a life in recovery creates room for bliss and success. Learn why it so important for those in recovery to embrace healthier lifestyle habits including eating, exercise, emotional regulation, and spirituality.
Essential Oils, Naturally
Essential Oils are the latest craze in health and wellness. Want to know why? Let me share with your group why essential oils are such a powerful addition to anyone’s health and wellness arsenal as well as easy to implement ways to use them every day. Learn what to look for in an essential oil, how to select the ones that are right for you, and how to use them safely and effectively.
Custom Topic
I’d love to custom tailor my talk to suite your event. Let me know what your vision is and I’ll make it happen. Let’s make this personal!

Currently Booking Winter 2020

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