Happy Mother’s Day!

In spirit of the holiday, I think of everything I have learned from my parents that have helped to mold and shape who I am as a person, what my values are, and how I see the world. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for them, despite years of denying it and horribly rebellious teen years. I don’t know why I thought it would be so uncool and so unoriginal to take after either of them. Little did I realize in those years how truly blessed I was (and am)!

Here are 6 invaluable lessons I learned from my mom:

Unconditional Love

My mom loved me through times that many would have thrown in the towel. As an adolescent I constantly pushed beyond the boundaries. To this day I still have no idea how I ended up with children as well-behaved and loving as my own after I, myself, was so much to handle. I always knew that no matter what, my mom would love me and see the good in me.


Growing up, my mom always told me she wanted to be able to provide more for my brother and I than she had (not that she had a bad childhood). She made a decision and did what it took to make it happen. She started a business from basically nothing and between her and my dad, provided a pretty awesome life for us. She taught me to not give up, keep an open mind, and think outside the box.

Business Sense

I never fully understood just what an impact this had on me and how I see the world until the past few years. Growing up, I never heard talk of “bosses” and we could vacation any time of the year, usually over the holidays. My mom made her schedule. I never understood these things weren’t the norm until I was older. I also underestimated how much I learned from watching her create successful businesses, how she managed time, how she handled working with people. That when you want to do something, with hard work and action, you can make it happen.

Family Comes First

Everything growing up was family oriented. When I think of the sacrifices my mom made for her family, I have nothing but gratitude. There is nothing she ever did without her family’s best interest at heart. This is another area I completely took for granted for many years. Today, spending time with my immediate and extended family is something that is a priority and I cherish that time.

A Clean and Tidy Home is a Happy Home

I don’t even know if my mom knows how much I value this! I grew up in a home where things were always put away, things had a place, and it was cleaned (not just picked up) regularly. My mom has a knack for making things beautiful and our home was a prime example. She could figure out how to make any home look warm and inviting. Today, I check my home environment immediately if I feel emotionally off kilter because when things are clean and tidy, I feel better, am more motivated, and centered.

Education is Important

Growing up my brother and I always attended good schools, even if my parents had to make sacrifices to make it possible. Learning and knowledge were always put as invaluable. We weren’t always able to get every toy we wanted, but we were never denied books. Ever. Reading was always encouraged and my mom had (and still does) lead by example. This is probably the reason that I will always be a student of some sort. There is always more to learn!

What invaluable lessons has your mother taught you that you still carry today?



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