Getting Sober is a HUGE Accomplishment!

One of the biggest things I have learned through getting sober is that you must give it away to keep it. I had been trying to figure out a way to give back to those in recovery since a health coach retreat last fall. About a month ago during my meditation it hit me…  I was thinking about people in the industry who I would like to model and I realized that their one on one coaching services are pricey, like really pricey. I thought about when I needed help the most and about how there was no way I could have swung their fees, much less any profession guidance at all. It was that moment I decided that I wanted to give away my “top shelf” service, the Total Life Tune-Up, absolutely free to those who could really utilize it.

That is where the scholarship program was born. 

This is for those who are:

  • In early substance abuse recovery (Under 1 year)
  • Serious about making healthier lifestyle changes
  • Committed to creating a life you can be excited about
  • Wanting to learn how how to eat healthier
  • Desiring to deepen your spirituality
  • Needing direction with physical fitness
  • Willing to make time to invest in your health

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