Crunched for time this holiday season?
Here is a workout you can do if you can’t make it to the gym. It is part of my “Quick and Dirty” workout series.

Why “Quick and Dirty”?

It doesn’t take long to get through the workout, but it really makes you break a sweat. I highly recommend a shower after performing them!

I love this go-to workout because it can be done without any equipment and it goes so quickly it’s over before you realize it!

Not motivated?

Try putting a couple drops of Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils in your hands and inhaling it (keep your hands about six inches from your face though, it’s pretty intense!)   It is a sure fire way to bump up energy levels and put some bounce in your step!

Now you have no excuse not to sweat this December!


Perform 1-3 times straight through (For a printable sheet with full exercise cues and links to view exercise click here – I had to put it in a PDF since Google didn’t like the fact I use clear, concise cues like other high quality trainers ?)

  1. Inchworm
  2. Step-Up
  3. Triceps Dip
  4. Contralateral Limb Raises
  5. Dynamic Prone Plank
  6. Curtsy Lunge
  7. Burpees
  8. Wall Sit
  9. Diamond Push-Up
  10. Shoulder Stabilization Series (I, Y, T, O)
  11. Segmental Rotation

*Remember to warm-up and cool-down with every workout!


Want more ways to stay fit without stepping foot into a gym? Grab my free, Ditch the Gym Fitness Guide:






Grab the Ditch the Gym Fitness Guide










What’s your favorite way to stay active during the holiday season?






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  1. lee

    thanks for the list of home workouts. Truly becoming fit and healthy nowadays won’t hurt your pocket. 🙂

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