Have you ever gotten lost in your thoughts or felt it absolutely necessary to figure out how to do something all on your own?

For some reason, this is how I am naturally programmed. At some point I decided that it was necessary to be 100% self-reliant. Perhaps it is because I’ve leaned on the wrong people during periods of my life, or maybe it’s some sort of women-empowerment idea that I twisted to crap in translation.

Bottom line, no one is an island.

We are social beings for a reason, and sometimes I forget that.

I have a difficult time leaning on others or being vulnerable. I mean, didn’t you get the memo? I am supposed to be perfect dammit.
Here’s the thing… that is not healthy. It is severely unhealthy. We all need support.
We need people to lean on, ideas that aren’t ours, objective feedback, and well, support.

I’ve experienced it before and I continue to experience it, there is power in numbers. It’s been strength another has lent me when I haven’t been so strong. It’s inspiration another has shared when I haven’t felt so inspired. It’s a new perspective when my perspective has bounced around in my head that it’s gotten skewed and distorted. It’s clarity when things get mucky. It’s camaraderie. It’s coming up for air.

Without support from others, I don’t know if I would have been able to successfully lose over 100 pounds. Without gentle kindness and guidance, I don’t know if I would have been able to get sober and essentially start my life over. Without words of encouragement and hope, I don’t know if I would have fought to find natural ways to live with dysautonomia and EDS. I can guarantee I wouldn’t be an entrepreneur without the examples of my mentors. I am pretty sure every accomplishment in my life (somedays it may just be not losing my shit), has at least someone who has supported me through it.

Support is necessary. Period.

This is why I’ve created Naturally You, a free group offering support to busy moms who want to lead healthier lives. It’s a place where you can find guidance and ideas. A place where you can turn to for inspiration when you may not feel so inspired. It’s a safe place where you can find the encouragement and strength you need. It’s a place where you belong.

Where in your life have you found having the support of others to be game-changer?

Gentle Support Because You Don't Have to Go It Alone


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