Naturally You Membership


Each month I will share with you new ways to master the balance of healthy eating, fitness, and stress management along with my signature tools, monthly live interactive challenges, life-hacks, meditations, and even a live call with yours truly.

Do You…


🙋‍♀️ Do You Feel Like You Are Tirelessly Chasing a Healthy Balance?

🙋‍♀️ Try to Make Better Lifestyle Choices But Never Make the Time?

🙋‍♀️ Are You Look for Engaging Ways to Be Held Accountable to Making Shifts that Enrich Your Life?

🙋‍♀️ Do You Love to “Geek Out” Learning Ways to Simplify Living A Healthy Lifestyle While Still Being Authentic?


If you answered “yes” to any of those… I get you!

I’ve been a sponge my entire life when it comes to being healthier, fitter, and happier. And I have learned that no matter where you are at, there is always room for growth.

Originally going to college for exercise science and planning on specializing in weight loss, I have also learned that there are many more factors that play into have a truly fulfilling life in a body you love. Through learning about different types of meditation, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and many other wellness aspects, I have made it my life’s mission to share what have learned to help you to live a life that you are truly excited about.

I want to make living a healthy lifestyle as easy for you as possible.

To have it be as natural as breathing.


As Naturally Ashlie has grown and evolved over the years, I have tried to figure out a way to meet your needs where ever you may be in your journey, yet still offer tools and guidance once you are ready to take the next step. I wanted a way to provide long-term resources and accountability that would fit anyone’s budget. I wanted something that would continue to provide you with fresh resources on a regular basis.

That’s Why the Naturally You Membership Was Born


Over the years, one thing I’ve found a lot of the time it’s not necessarily that we don’t know that we need to make these shifts. It’s simply that it’s hard to find clear direction and accountability.

Things can get confusing and overwhelming, that is usually when we tuck whatever health, stress management, lifestyle, weight-loss, fitness, or wellness goals we have into our back pocket and promise ourselves we’ll try again… someday. 


There’s an easier way.

A way for me and you to stay connected and work toward a better you on this journey.

A way to have access to consistent accountability and all of the tools needed along the way.

A place where you can simply log in and become excited and inspired about moving forward on your path.

An oasis from the crazy, chaotic world where you can focus on what you.

As A Member here’s what you get every month!


🌟 A Monthly Members-Only Meditation. I will create a brand new meditation, not found anywhere else. They will help relieve stress, give you a clearer mind, allow you to feel more connected, improve the way you view the world, and even improve your health. You can even request topics!

🌟 Monthly Life-Hacking Tools. Every month there will be a different focus. Some of the monthly offerings include workouts, clean eating recipes, mantras/affirmations, and other goodies related to the monthly focus. This way you’ll always be adding to the resources you have at hand to meet all of your wellness goals.

🌟 Exclusive Monthly Challenges. I’ve found that clients have the best success when we mix things up regularly. With the monthly challenges, you’ll never get bored! From de-cluttering, fitness, mindset, to clean eating you’ll find that you are always excited and accountable! There’s even one for the holidays!

🌟 Monthly Live, Interactive Calls with Me. Each month there will be a live call with me on a variety of topics ranging from personal growth, weight management, healthy eating, spirituality, clean living, and stress management. Again, you can even request topics. There will also occasionally be a surprise expert guest.

🌟 Special Deals and Bonus Materials. I always love to share what I have and give away extras! You’ll have the opportunity to be included in first runs of new programs and courses I create. Plus you also get 50% off all digital courses and programs.

Benefits of Being a Naturally You Member

🌟 You’ll get all of the advantages of having an expert personal trainer, life coach, health coach, and spiritual guide… without the high dollar price. One on one coaching begins at $120/hr, with the Naturally You Membership, you get all of the support, guidance, and resources all at an insanely affordable rate! Plus you can do it on your time… no hassling with matching up schedules.

🌟 It won’t get stale! You will always be receiving a variety of new techniques, tools, tips, and resources to take your wellness to the next level. You choose what works for you and switch it up with the many variables you will have. Plus there will be a fresh new focus for each month. No more doing the same meditation/workout/eating the same meals day in and day out!

🌟 You will make progress consistently! With the Naturally You Membership guiding you each step of the way you will have the direction and gentle reminders that you need to keep on course!

🌟 You will save tons of time! With everything you need on your wellness journey right under the Naturally You Membership umbrella, you have all your resources in one place. Plus, I know how valuable your time is so I always have easy and quick options and resources to stay your path even when your time is at a premium.

🌟 Did I mention that you will save money? Other than not having to shell out for a personal trainer, health coach, etc, Naturally You Members get 50% all of my digital courses and programs. You will get this discount for the life of your membership which means you will get the best rate ever offered for these products as you need them!



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