Naturally Healthy Holidays

What is Naturally Healthy Holidays?

Naturally Healthy Holidays is a program that will guide you step-by-step through the holiday season to reduce stress, stay accountable to your weight loss, fitness, and nutrition goals, focusing on what really matters, the people you love and celebration.

Starts November 19th

Why Do You Need Naturally Healthy Holidays?

The holiday seasons tend to be the most stressful time of year.

You worry about your weight, stress over social gatherings, your routines get turned upside down, and you’re busier than ever.

What if this year was different?

What if this year you not only were able to avoid the holiday stress, but you also made progress toward your health and fitness goals?

What if you didn’t find yourself starting 2018 with the goal of “getting back on track”… because you stayed on track the whole way through?

Spoiler alert… you can!

Not only can you, but you deserve to start 2018 feeling better than ever.

You’ll be motivated, on track, and less stressed every single day. 

Be Healthy, Fit, & Guilt-Free!

You can do it your way! Simply set goals and be accountable for your actions and progress at least once a week.
Just imagine… breezing through the holidays, avoiding putting on any extra holiday weight, and having fun while doing it!
Each day, you’ll receive an email with easy, actionable steps to stay accountable along with community support by others who on the journey right along with you.
You’ll get:

  • Daily Accountability
  • Goal Setting Guidance
  • Quick, Easy to Perform Workouts
  • Meditations
  • Healthy Holiday Recipes
  • Fun, Lessons, and Laughs
  • Peer Support
  • Results You’ll See AND Feel Immediately

You participate in your way. You set your own goals and are accountable for your actions and progress in the group.


First and foremost, we’ll be focusing on you. You’ll learn easy stress management techniques and ways to really make sure you are present and not depleted over this exciting time of year.


Stay active over the holiday months. We’ll learn how to fit exercise in when things get hectic and ways to be active anywhere. You won’t believe how easy it can be and how much better you’ll feel!


Do you feel anxious or toss any ideas of healthy eating out the window when at a holiday function? We’ll spend time keeping you in the right mindset to stay on track, without deprivation.


The most common reason people get off track over the holidays is lack of time. We’ll look for ways to make your schedule stress-free and help you to fit everything in without worry.


  • You’ll experience less overwhelm, less anxiety, and less stress
  • No longer feel shame or guilt over backtracking or not being active
  • Feel more motivated to cook healthy foods, inspired with healthy, delicious holiday recipes
  • You won’t worry about having your clothes not fit
  • You’ll be more productive, being able to act proactively instead of always reacting
  • Experience more inspiration and joy, putting more living into your life
  • Make lasting friendships during the program
  • Have a handle on your wellness goals, creating self-esteem and confidence that shines through in every area of your life
  • Create habits and routines that you can use all year round
  • Feel happier, more optimistic, and more excited about life
  • Start 2018 without fear of the scale

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