Essential oils for your meditation practice

Two of my favorite things ever… essential oils and meditation.

Guess what? Essential oils and meditation play well together!

I’ll share with you a bit about the why, but let’s be completely honest here… you are more curious about how to. That’s why I am going show you 5 ways you can deepen your spiritual practice today using essential oils. I mean really, you feeling the result is much more important to why it deepens your practice, right?

That said, essential oils can deepen your spiritual practice through multiple avenues

  • Essential oils have an aromatic influence, meaning it can invoke emotional states simply through the act of smelling the aroma.
  • Essential oils have a therapeutic effect, they can relax you and allow you to physically achieve a heightened state of relaxation and awareness.
  • Some believe essential oils carry metaphysical properties and affect our vibrational and spiritual states.
  • Essential oils can help open airways and support breathing, allowing for deeper, more effect breaths during your practice.
  • Essential oils can become part of your regular meditation ritual, prompting you to stay consistent and helping to keep your practice fresh and fun.

Here are some ways you can try using essential oils in your meditation practice

Diffuse During Meditation

The barely-audible sound of the water along with the aroma filling the air creates an atmosphere that takes you into a state of peace and relaxation like no other. Here is one of my favorite diffusers.

Apply to Chakra Points Before Meditation

Applying essential oils to support each chakra before meditation can be a fun way to deepen your experience and make your meditation even more powerful.

essential oils for meditation using the chakras

Use an Essential Oil Associated with the Intention of Your Meditation

Since essential oils can aid with your emotional, spiritual, and physical state, it is fairly easy to find one that not only coincides with your intention, but you also enjoy the smell of. For example, when meditating to let go, both Oregano and the Forgive Blend help with letting go, but I find that Forgive is much more appealing smell-wise. If you’re meditating to become more grounded and centered, you may want to use Cedarwood, if you’re meditating for better health, OnGuard Blend would be good, or if you are seeking to connect to your higher power spiritually, Frankincense.

Apply a Calming Essential Oil Beforehand to Calm Your Body and Mind

Quieting your mind can be challenging. Using a calming essential oil such as Lavender or Roman Chamomile can be a great way to help you to ease into a state of relaxation. You’ll be able to experience more of a meditative state instead of detaching from your overactive mind.

Diffuse or Spritz in the Room to Create Desire Atmosphere

Aroma plays a big part in the atmosphere. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and noticed a pleasant smell that made you actually feel emotionally charged (in a good way). Same thing goes with meditation. If you have a scent that you absolutely love, either diffuse it or put a few drops in a glass bottle with water, making sure to shake well before spraying, to really set the mood.

Really, when you are using essential oils with meditation, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity. What’s most important is that you find a way that is meaningful to you. You can buy your essential oils here.

Make sure to grab the free Essential Oils for Meditation handout, it’s a little preview of the bonus guide from my meditation course, Naturally Spiritual. You’ll love how easy it makes using oils in meditation!

Let’s keep this conversation going! Share in the comments below your favorite way to use essential oils in meditation.

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  1. Amy

    I am new to this. I am exploring the possibility of it. I have been meditating for awhile now. But i never used my essential oils when i was meditating.

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