Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Pokemon Go. After a couple days of vowing not to download the app, I broke down in a moment of weakness to entertain my son during a wedding rehearsal.

Confession time…  I’m hooked.
poke2While I normally am  not a fan of video games, Pokemon Go is a bit different since one of the main requirements is movement. For those out there who spend large quantities of time surfing their sofa, this game is a pretty awesome way to get out of the house.
Keep in mind while it claims you don’t have to be glued to your phone while walking, every park I’ve been to has been pretty zombie-apocalypse looking. Over half the people I’ve encountered were wildly engulfed in their smartphone. Just a heads up. (pun intended)
And in a later post, I’ll be sharing ways to use Pokemon Go to help enhance your family fitness regimen. But today, I am going to help you get the leading edge in your PokeGame with essential oils.

6 Essential Oils to POWER UP Pokemon Go:

Peppermint – Picture this, the Pokemon you’ve been yearning to catch finally is on your radar! But you are pooped! This is the perfect time to bust out your Peppermint Essential Oil and inhale deeply for an instant power up! It will give you that extra boost you need to seek out that little critter and capture it for your collection!

Lavender –
Couch surfers around the world are spending mass quantities of time out in the world of the living. This means being exposed to sunlight for lengths of time they aren’t used to. If your skin hasn’t seen the sun much this year, chances are you may be needing some after sun loving. This is where Lavender Essential Oil steps in. Not to mention if you are being that guy and completely forget to look up, tripping, bumps, and such are a real threat. Lavender is great at soothing the occasional skin irritation. (and it won’t judge you for how you got it)

Terrashield Blend – Something you’ll encounter while out catching Pokemon, that isn’t digital, is outdoor pests. Pokemon hate Deet so it’s important to wear pest repellent that won’t repel your favorite Pokemon! Terrashield is crafted to only repel pests you don’t want feasting on your skin. Your attention will be left wide open for battling and capturing Pokemon!

Frankincense – With million of players worldwide, the systems are trying to keep up. Sadly the game sometimes freezes at the worst times. My husband and I were both at the lake trying to catch a Dratini (neither of us had one) and the game froze at least 10 times each when we caught it! Talk about stressful! Frankincense Essential Oil is a must have if you want to battle your own frustration while playing. Plus with it’s amazing ability to support the brain and cognitive function, it will help you create the strategy you need to become a Pokemon Master!

OnGuard – You want to protect your own defenses while defending your gyms and your Pokemon. OnGuard Essential Oil Blend will give your immune system a powerful boost so you can focus on leveling up your Pokemon Trainer instead of needing to level down on your couch. No body has time for a weak immune system when there are Gyms to claim!

Breathe – Being out in the elements brings environmental and seasonal threats. Keep Breathe Essential Oil Blend handy to keep these threats at bay and your respiratory system well supported while hunting Pokemon. The only labored breathing you want while playing Pokemon Go is when you are chasing Pokemon or in the middle of an exciting battle.

Have you been rocking essential oils to help enhance your experience with Pokemon Go? Share in the comments below which ones are a must have when going into battle!

If you want more ways to make Pokemon Go a healthy and fit experience, grab my free guide below for easy and healthy snack recipes while playing Pokemon Go!   

FREE Quick & Easy Pokemon (on-the) Go Healthy Snacks

P.S. If you need to add some Essential Oils to your Pokemon Backpack let me know and I’ll help you get them way lower than retail! (Click Here)

P.P.S. Have you noticed that the “Incense” in Pokemon Go looks way more like an essential oil diffuser than incense???


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