It’s undeniable, the fall is right around the corner and kids everywhere are dusting off their backpacks and preparing to go back to school. My 9 year old son is starting third grade with much excitement, while my “tweenage” 12 year old daughter wants these last few days of summer break to last forever before starting junior high. It’s crazy how different each child is!

Along with getting my own kids prepared for the school year, I’ve also spent much time talking to teachers and parents (and some grandparents) about essential oils and how the oils can best be used to benefit their children this school year. When I say that oils can be used for dang near anything, I am really not joking. And the more I learn, the more ways I find to use them!

In Back to School Spirit, I want to share my favorite essential oils and blends for kids and school.

Morning Madness: These help increase alertness and helps kids to wake up on the “right” side of the bed!

Wild Orange and Peppermint – These two oils together are a powerhouse for boosting energy. It supports mood and a healthy respiratory function too!

Joyful Blend – Diffuse this blend in the morning to help promote a positive and energizing mood. I diffuse this not only in the mornings, but also for myself throughout the day. It is liquid sunshine.

Starting the School Year: This is a blend that is great for helping children ease through transitional periods.

Vetiver and the Balance Blend

During the School Day: These help to promote focus and set the child up for success!

Vetiver – This oil alone is wonderful, not only for promoting feelings of calm, but also to help emotional grounding.

InTune Blend – A great blend for those who want support in efforts of children who have difficulty paying attention or staying on task.

Lavender – Okay, we all knew this one was coming… This one eases feelings of tension, reduces anxious feelings, and calms minor skin irritations.

If you are wondering how your child can utilize oils at school, we can chat. I have plenty of creative ways to get ‘er done.

Bed Time: These are calming and help promote restful sleep

Lavender or Serenity Blend: These are both great for soothing anxious feelings, promoting rest and relaxation, and promoting restful sleep.

Bergamot: Promotes feelings of calm and harmony, as well as soothing. (Psst, this one also promotes feelings of confidence!)

Other Essential Oil School Year Essentials:

Clary Sage or ClaryCalm Blend: If you have a middle school aged girl or older, you can thank me later. During her cycle have her use this on her abdomen for a soothing, calming massage. This is also one that I diffuse to help promote emotional balance in the days leading up. If I could get it by the case, I totally would.

OnGuard Blend: This supports a healthy immune function, protects against environmental threats (and schools definitely are full of those!), and supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. I tend to go DIY with this one and create a protective guarding hand gel for the kiddos to carry and use throughout the day. Keep your eyes out for the recipe in an upcoming blog.

Melaleuca: Another one that supports the immune system and helps to calm occasional skin irritations. My favorite thing about this oil however, is that it can be applied to toenails after showering to purify and keep nails looking healthy, a must if there is communal showers!

Rosemary: Between supporting healthy brain function, memory, and mood, this one is a no-brainer.

I bet you are starting to figure out why essential oils are essential during the school year. There are many other ways they can be beneficial, but these are the ones I see most often. When using essential oils period, but especially on children, you want to make sure you are using the highest quality of oils, and using them safely.

Learn what oils I use and get them at my cost

Back to school time can be a stressful time so make sure you grab these Stress Busting Diffuser Recipes to kick stress to the curb for the whole fam!

Grab your Stress Busting Recipes!

I love teaching children about essential oils and natural wellness, they are our future! I know what the ramifications have been from not always making the healthiest (or sometimes not even near healthy) decisions in my life. There is no greater joy than seeing my children ask to take a healthy lunch to school, rather play outside than sit in front of the television, or like the other night, my daughter had a sleepover and when I went to remind her it was time for them to go to bed, I got the response “but we’re talking about oils, mom!”. It’s not only about the changes we can make for ourselves, but also educating the next generations on why these habits and choices are important!

Have you ever influenced a child to make healthier choices? What is your favorite experience?


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