As the cold weather sets in, many people are much more prone to getting chapped and dry skin.

We’ve all experienced it.

Last year my husband was struggling with how his hands were starting to really get tore up from all of the hand-washing he was doing at his last job and he wanted to know what oils would help support his skin most.   His normally soft hands were becoming leathery, with bleeding knuckles, and the skin chapped.  I love my husband and I hated to see his discomfort, I wanted to find something that he could not only use right then, but I wanted something easy.   Something he could toss in his pocket and use at work, or where ever else he was.

I knew his skin was super tender so I didn’t want to use my normal salve recipe, I wanted something just a little more delicate.   I wanted something a bit more intense than a butter though.   I wanted something that would not be painful to apply and spread, but something that would really support and protect the skin.

And we came across something AWESOME.

It was like a butter-salve hybrid with the muscle for deep nourishing and relief, yet gentle too.

So if you want  a natural alternative for those petroleum based products, you definitely will want to try this recipe.   The base is amazing and the oils used help with supporting the body, the skin, and is super soothing. Bonus!

Soothing and Healing Chapped Skin Sensitive Salve

Supplies / Ingredients:

You will want either a double boiler or a pan of hot water with a glass cup in it to keep the ingredients separate from the water while melting the ingredients.


  • Melt the bees wax and coco butter first
  • Once melted, add palm oil, avocado oil, baobab oil
  • Remove from heat and add the shea butter, stirring until melted
  • While still liquid, pour into the 1 ounce container
  • Once the mixture begins to solidify, add the oils, stirring as each one is added


Need the oils? Get them here wholesale or retail. (Learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils here)

(If you love the concept but don’t have time to make this, check out CorrectX, a natural ointment.


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