I love yoga.

I have a couple yoga mats and I treat them with TLC.   We’ve been through a lot together.  My beloved yoga mats have been there as I have released tension, anxiety, and fear; they have witnessed my heart fill with peace, love, and serenity.   They have been carried to practice in the parks, they have gone with me when I have shared yoga in the homes of others.   I hope someday they can travel with me out of the country.   Bottom line, in a practice that teaches non-attachment, I am pretty attached to my yoga mats.   At the very least I want to treat them with love and respect.   That includes cleaning them.   So today, I am going to share with you one of my favorite yoga mat spritzing recipes.   It’s a natural way to get a good deep clean or do away with any other yucky things I don’t want for me or my yoga mat.  You know, just in case you have a mat that you feel the same way about.


Yoga Mat Spritzer 

2 ounce Glass Spray Bottle

10 drops Cypress Oil

5 drops Melaleuca Oil

5 drops Lemon Oil

Mix together, add water leaving at least 3/4″ clearance at the top, shake, and spritz away!   Super easy!

Need the oils? Get them here wholesale or retail. (Learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils here)

Do you have any favorite DIY recipes?  What are they?



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