This weekend we had a little fiasco with our toilet.

We rent a duplex with one bathroom and it’s pretty old.   The shower has always been super slow to drain and upon moving in I was cautioned to make sure not to flush anything other than TP down the toilet because it would flood and I’d have to cover the plumber.    It’s one of those things that you really take for granted, having a flushing toilet, heck I even take having the ability to use a toilet for granted most days.

I’ve always been pretty mindful of our aging plumbing, but enter in two children. Long story short (and without detail) pretty sure someone got a little ambitious with the TP and next thing you now we have zero functioning toilets. Having to go to the gas station for bathroom breaks is something I do not wish for you or anyone for that matter. After lots of failed attempts at plunging we had to get a “snake” and get more up close and personal with the porcelain throne than I would care to. So we are now a lot more appreciative of our plumbing. I decided that I would be more proactive when it comes to our other drains, so our slow draining shower now is almost at a normal speed and our other drains have been tended to as well. I’ve seen other articles out there that say similar recipes aren’t effective, and while it isn’t going to tear your drains up, it definitely does work.

I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals and found a natural solution that works like a charm. This is my Monday public service announcement to you, Over-Flowing Drains Are No Fun, Show Yours Some TLC On a Regular Basis!

All Natural Liquid Plumber

1/2 cup baking soda

1 cup vinegar

10 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil

1 gallon hot water

Carefully siphon all the baking soda down the drain and add the melaleuca.

Pour in 1/2 of the vinegar, covering the hole so when it fizzes, it is forced down (except for toilets, don’t worry about covering it in that case). Add the second half of the vinegar and cover.

Allow to sit for 15 minutes and then flush with hot water.

Voila!   Now you can maintain or create clear drains without nasty chemicals and toxins!

Do you have any go-to natural alternatives to chemical cleaners and such?   I’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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