Have you ever sprayed yourself with conventional bug spray and touched something with printing on it afterward?

I have.   It is pretty nasty!   I ended up with the print on my hand, took it right off of the package.    That’s reassuring (insert heavy sarcasm here…)   Sure, it may be repelling mosquitoes, flies, what have you, but it makes you wonder what is actually absorbing into your body through your skin.   Your largest organ is now coated in this chemical concoction that wipes printed material right off the packaging.   Yikes.

In my quest to find more natural ways to live, this was near the top of my list of things that I wanted to replace.

Guess what???

I found a mixture that actually has been working better than the deet laden kinds.    Like always, I was skeptical at first.   It took experimenting with different combinations and taking a few bites for the team, but it was well worth it to find a formula that works.   There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a camping trip swatting bugs off and itching red inflamed bites all over.

The magical formula I’ve been using?   It is simple and super easy to mix.

Bug Off Blend (Do not go in sun within 12 hours of use on skin, see sun recipe below)


4 oz Glass Spray Bottle

1/4 Cup Witch Hazel

55 Drops TerraShield

25 Drops Purify


Add everything in into glass spray bottle, give it a gentle shake, and GO!

**Make sure to keep to these ratios as I over diluted for a trip this summer and ended up with some unfriendly visitors feasting on me!**

Find out how to order your oils here

And if bugs stress you out… grab my free Stress Busting Diffuser Recipes!


Grab your Stress Busting Recipes!

So, I shared my AWESOME summer tip!   I want to hear yours!   Let me know what secrets you have to keeping your summer more natural!


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