There comes a point in growth that a choice must be made. This applies in areas of our lives, as well as literally in many cases. It is a critical moment that determines if growth is to cease or if the growth will continue on.

It’s the moment when the current space no longer holds what is required to nurture further growth.

And the choice is usually scary because it means change and the unknown.

It is the entire reason that I am writing this in on a whole new site.

Last year I hit a point to where my passions outgrew my platform. I had (and still have) a whole lot on my plate and what I had been doing just wasn’t efficient enough to keep up with it. Being stubborn and comfortable I tried to make it work, creating stagnation in my work. I was afraid to make the leap to bigger commitments and bigger investments so I tried to piece things together the best I could and make them work. The problem with that is that we all have the same 24 hours a day.

It was easy when I was getting started because I did not have near as many commitments and responsibilities and I had the time I try to do everything myself. It was even fun and empowering. Then it got to the point where everything I was doing online basically ceased because I had clients I was responsible to and a large (and ever-growing) team with the essential oils company that I needed to be accountable to. I didn’t have time to maneuver my blog posts, send out 20 different newsletters to 20 different demographics, or even market myself the way that I needed to. I had completely outgrown the resources I had been using.

This is where I realized that just like with any other area of my life, I needed to practice the art of letting go in my professional life. I needed to let go of a lot of the tech control that I had been trying to cling on to. I needed to let go of the systems that weren’t working for what I was now doing. I needed to let go of the idea that I can do everything myself and somehow cram 30 hours of work into a single day.

And just like with everything else I practice the art of letting go in, once I began to make the space and become open to new ideas, I started seeing options everywhere. Once I opened my eyes the path was so clearly there in front of me. There are so many of my dreams that are still a work in progress. I want to be able to help more people. I want to give back in profound ways. I want to be present in my own life and my own relationships instead of buried behind a computer trying to connect the dots in a way that works. If you have ever felt a deep and profound calling in life, you understand.

These lessons and opportunities to nurture growth present them throughout our lives in a variety of ways. It has been a constant theme in my adult life (heck, probably my entire life). It’s a no-brainer when you live in a studio apartment and decide to get married and start a family, of course you need a bigger home. There is no way you can effectively live and thrive in a space that was barely large enough for just one person! Yet for some reason, when it comes to other areas of life, it can be a bit less clear and way more scary.

The bottom line is, if we don’t let go of what no longer serves us (or those things that used to be super helpful but begin to hinder us) then it is almost impossible to make room for bigger and better things to come into the picture.

Where are there areas that you need to make that critical decision to “let go” and create room for something bigger?

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