While having a dedicated meditation space is by no means necessary, it is something that I’ve found really nice to have. It’s that daily reminder to meditate. It’s inviting, safe, and inspiring. Having a dedicated space tells the universe and yourself that you are serious about your meditation practice and in turn, creating the physical space helps you to create the space in your life to practice.

There is science and psychology that goes behind why having a dedicated space helps you to adhere to your meditation practice, but for the sake of this article, let’s just stick the idea that you create your own little “happy place”, right at home.

Creating a meditation space doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. You can go all out and make an entire meditation room, but if you are short on space, you can have just as meaningful of a space somewhere as simple as a corner of a room or a favorite chair on your back deck.

The most important thing in creating a meditation space is making it meaningful to you.

Depending on where I have lived, my spaces have looked completely different:

It’s been the back sun room in a house I shared with a roommate

It’s been my back deck in an apartment

It was the corner of a couch in a duplex

It was a zebra pillow on the floor while moving my offices

It’s now a chair under a window in my office

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Just a dedicated space that is special to you. It doesn’t have to scream I’m uber spiritual or meditation only. It just is somewhere that you practice meditation when you’re home. A place that whispers gently Come meditate with me when you pass by it.

You can decorate it, or you can choose to keep it really simple. I personally keep some meaningful crystals, a book of sobriety readings, incense, a diffuser, and a singing bowl on a table next to where I meditate. They are things that make the space more meaningful to me and they are all items that I use in various meditations.

I also choose to plan out my day in my meditation space before I practice meditation. But again, it’s something that is meaningful to me and not required. (and I find that it is way easier to keep my mind clear and focused when I’ve put anything bouncing around my head on paper first!)

Find a Space You Can Meditate Daily

This place should be somewhere where you will be able to meditate when your schedule allows and you won’t be distracted. I’ve had my space in high traffic areas of the home, but I practice meditation after everyone’s out of the house in the morning or before anyone is awake. Keep in mind if there will be traffic and prevent you from actually meditating.

Make it Comfortable to Meditate

Good news, there is no right or wrong position to meditate! I meditate cross legged so my space is somewhere it’s comfortable to sit that way. If you meditate sitting up, you’d want to make sure your space allows for it. You want to make sure you can practice your meditation in the position you choose without it being painful, whether that mean having a chair in your space, a rug, a pillow, or even a kneeling bench. You want to be comfortable!

Keep Your Meditation Space Uncluttered

Uncluttering your mind in a cluttered space is a bit self-defeating. You will want your meditation space to be as clear and open as possible. The energy of the space will make a difference in your meditation experience, trust me.

Use it!

When establishing a new meditation space, it may take a bit more effort to get into the habit of using it. Commit to daily meditation in your newly established space for a couple weeks. That way after the two weeks are up, just knowing the space in there and seeing it will help you stay accountable to your meditation practice.

Grab my meditation essentials guide below for ideas on must have tools to use in your meditation space to enhance your meditations even more.


Now that you know how easy creating your own dedicated meditation space can be, share in the comments below what your space will (or does) look like.


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