Sometime you've got to knock it all down to change and build it up correctly!The Naturally Ashlie blog has been on hiatus. It even completely disappeared for a bit! There have been a ton of change going on. It seems that has been the theme of my year almost!

I want to let you know what exactly is going on with the blog and the changes you are already seeing and will be seeing in the future.

Due to the rapid growth of the essential oils company I have aligned myself with, there have been a LOT of changes in how I am allowed to talk about oils and the ability to have pictures of the branded oils and use their name on my personal web-site. So when the order came, to play by the rules and lead by example, I took down my entire blog temporarily until I could go through each post. Talk about nerve-racking! I still haven’t gotten through them all!

While I focus on much more than essential oils, they are a tool that I mention and personally use in my practice regularly, which means it was a lot easier to set everything to private in a fair swoop to meet the deadlines. This is actually pretty exciting because it has allowed me to refocus and inspire change that will benefit you!

About the blog going dark for a while… Part of this is because essential oils are really kind of a new thing when it comes to the FDA and they aren’t quite sure how to handle them. They aren’t technically supplements, and heaven knows we don’t want them classified as drugs. So wording must change. I’ve been looking into this a lot and found one instance where a company was reprimanded for making claims on the Omega-3s in walnuts. Like I said, I am a woman who likes to know the “how’s” and “why’s”.

For someone who isĀ very science centered, this is going to take some getting used to. I can’t get into the properties on my blog, talk about my own case studies, published research, ect. However, I am free to talk about something called structure function. I can still tell you which systems of the body are supported by the oils and that is awesome since that has been the direction I have been heading towards for a while. Just have to leave out the geeky science stuff, or at least learn how to say it in a manner that leaves anything disease or dysfunctional out of it. Challenge accepted.

So the wording when I talk about essential oils may change a bit, but this is something I try to do anyways since I am not a doctor. (Even if I were, I would want to focus more on how to create a healthy environment rather than suppress an unhealthy one. And who knows… natural medicine is something I have been toying with pursuing. If I do, it wouldn’t be for a few years though, it’s never too late.)

So back to change…

Change is something that is never comfortable, but is always a wonderful opportunity to grow. I rarely grow in the status quo. Starting August 10th, I am personally starting a 5/5 Baby-Step Challenge. There are a couple disciplines I’ve fallen behind in and a few I would like to embark upon, or at least give a real try. So for 5 days I will be adding new habits into my daily life each day and committing to doing them for 5 days.

It might not sound like a lot, but the point is to create a start. I have made many big changes in my life, when I got sober, when I lost over 100lbs, when I changed my lifestyle habits (I used to be uncomfortable being at home at one point!), and other things. I found with all of these, starting was the hardest part. I would sit in front of this seemingly insurmountable goal and be paralyzed by fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change.

So I invite you to embrace change and join me in the 5/5 Baby-Step Challenge! It’s only 10 days total, free, and you can do it solo or in the group. (Hint… one of the bites I’m taking is going to be on Facebook live in the Naturally You community and it will documented there daily during the journey as well)


Has there every been a time where you’ve been forced to change and it turned out to be a beautiful opportunity? Share in the comments below!


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