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A Daily Dose of Love


You’ve subscribed to something amazing! Every day you’ll receive an affirmation you can use to deepen your relationship with yourself.

Many times we do understand how special we are, recognizing our abilities and many wonderful features – yet the connection between our heads and are hearts isn’t quite there.

By practicing these affirmations daily, you’ll consistently reinforce reinforce these positive beliefs and over time it will help to re-write your inner dialogue.

Additional Resources

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Expand and enhance your meditation practice in 28 days! You'll gain confidence and explore various models of meditation, finding the perfect meditation model for you.

I Love Me Challenge

If you feel overwhelmed and like you’re always running on empty you won’t want to miss the free 5 day I Love Me Challenge to gently shift into prioritizing your own wellbeing. 

The Stress Less Matrix

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Stress Free Naturally

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How to Use Affirmations

Stand in Front of Mirror

This is important so you can look yourself in the eyes as you recite the affirmation. Looking yourself in the eyes increases the impact the affirmation will have on your unconscious mind.

Recite Out Loud 5-10 Times

Speak slowly, clearly, and with confidence. Notice if there's anywhere in your body you feel resistance to the affirmation. Acknowledge the resistance and breathe into it as you recite the affirmation.

Practice at Least 3x Daily

Ideally, you want to practice affirmation morning, midday, and evening. The more you practice, the more powerful the effect will be. Build affirmation into your daily routines and habits.


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