Slow-starting, unmotivated, uninspired, scattered, BLAH!   Sure sounds like Monday is here again.    The truth is, it’s really not even that deep.   It’s all in our own outlook and attitudes.

Inertia –   noun \i-ˈnər-shə, -shē-ə\
: lack of movement or activity especially when movement or activity is wanted or needed
: a feeling of not having the energy or desire that is needed to move, change, etc. physics : a property of matter by which something that is not moving remains still and something that is moving goes at the same speed and in the same direction until another thing or force affects it

 Can I get a kick-start to put me in motion?

Before you go and buy 3 cans of this weeks most fantastic energy drink from the convenient store, try to boost your energy levels and find your inspiration in a natural manner (not to mention cheaper, because I am thrifty!)

Meditate first thing in the morning

(or the minute you feel like your Monday has ran off the rails and left you sitting at the station).   It may sound silly to sit and quiet your mind to gain energy but it will help your mind remain clear, on task, and you WILL be more alert. If you need some help with this, grab a free guided meditation at Stress Free Naturally.

Try Essential Oils to boost your mojoEither apply a diluted Wild Orange and Peppermint mixture on your pulse points or diffuse a couple drops in your office.   Guaranteed to jack you up without the sugar and caffeine crash.   You can other wonderful mixtures to naturally boost energy here!


Get your blood pumping.   Move your body, whether it be going to the gym or parking further away and taking the stair at work.   The body DOES NOT make sense.   The more energy you exert the more energy you naturally have.   So even if it sounds like the least appealing thing in the world.   Move that booty, you’ll not only have more steam in your engine, but you’ll fit into those jeans better too!

Stay away from processed foods, refined sugars, and food-like products.  

If you don’t jack your blood sugar up, there isn’t going to be a crash later.   Food affects not only your physical well-being but also your mental faculties.   Think of you body as your vehicle, your vehicle that you don’t ever get to trade in or upgrade.   Would you go out to your car and pour sugar in your gas tank?

Get fired up!  

Remind yourself of an upcoming even you are looking forward to.   Sometimes I find myself in a funk if I don’t have anything exciting planned in my near future.   This is where the next one comes in.

Change your perspective.    

It’s Monday, you have the entire day, no, the entire week ahead of you.  Grind, grind, grind.  Dry. Me. Out.   How many times have I told myself, I am going to start “tomorrow”, I am going to rock it “next week”, it’s going to be better “when”…   What better day than Monday to set out to rock your week!   Whatever it is!   The world is your oyster but you have to work for that pearl.   Why are you doing what you are doing?   Where is your passion?

Get into gratitude.  

We are going to do this right now.   Get your pen, get your paper, and WRITE.   I want 10 reasons your Monday is going to ROCK.

Here are mine:

  1. I have four more days to prepare for an unforgettable valentine’s day experience with my fiance.
  2. I committed to a goal this week that scares the living bejeezus out of me: contact two people every day about doTERRA.  It may not sound like a reason it would rock, but who doesn’t love adrenaline?
  3. I get to see people that I love and care about today.
  4. I get to schedule a massage for this week.
  5. I have a career that I love in an industry I am passionate about.   Sure it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but my bad days working are so much better than my best days at some jobs I’ve worked.
  6. I have a warm home where I am safe and loved.
  7. I can set the pace for the entire week and I am deciding this week is already destined to be dominated!
  8. I am going to take action to do three things on my personal to do list that I’ve been procrastinating on.
  9. I only have to take responsibility for myself and my actions.   What a relief!   I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to take responsibility for you, me, that guy next to you, and the lady down the street too.  Running the world is pretty stressful.
  10. I get to take a nice 15 minute get-my-mind-right session by meditating.   Maybe twice.

I hope you are feeling a little more driven, a little more inspired, and a little more like you have today by the horns!

Why let Monday be a grind when it can be full of potential and opportunity??

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