In today’s modern society where we all seem to be over booked, over stressed, and over stimulated, it can be difficult at times to maintain focus.

In 2015, when I started traveling frequently, there were periods of time (which was most of the time), where I feel like I am being pulled in a million directions. I had to-do lists that have to-do lists and it feels like the minute I start on one task, I almost always got pulled away to something else. And that was just business related stuff. Then throw in family and household responsibilities and activities, and my system was on complete overload! If you think of a picture, when it is out of focus, everything is fuzzy. When it is in focus, however, everything is clear and easy to see.

One of the coolest things I have learned is that during the times I feel like I am seconds from completely coming undone, as long as I keep moving on, those are usually the times everything is about to come together. Growth requires learning to adapt. It’s a good problem to have, even though it may not feel like it.

Clarity, holding up glassesThese are also times where it can be difficult to stay focused and present. It can be tempting to try to multi-task (it’s been proven that taking things one at a time not only is more effective, but you actually accomplish more!). If I could put the feeling into words, it would be like being a train hopping between 18 different tracks.

Doesn’t sound very productive does it?

I have some exercises that I utilize to help stay centered and focused like meditation, having to-do lists, taking time each morning to plan my day, and taking time for myself (even when it is almost painful to pull away from what I’m doing). I’ve also found that this is yet another area that essential oils can offer exceptional support!

Here are some that have really help me stay on track and focused:

Focus Blend

This is a no-brainer! It is actually known as the Focus Blend. I apply focus before I do a presentation or have an important meeting and it works wonders. I love the smell too! This is one I could wear as a personal scent everyday. It is a powerful blend of Amyris, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Roman Chamomile.

Grounding Blend

The name says it all! This blend is great when I feel like I’m coming and going, spinning my wheels, and fragmented. It helps to pull me to center and grounds me. This one is a wonderful blend of Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense.


This one is great when trying to work on a project and stay on track. It’s also a great one for kids who need extra support to concentrate during the school day.


This one should come as no surprise since it supports the brain so well. I use this one in a nasal inhaler along every day to help bring more oxygen and encourage circulation to the brain. Don’t underestimate Frankincense, this oil is great for many different things!


A very versatile oil that helps reel me in during times of over-stimulation. It really helps to create calm and clarity when everything seems to swirling around me.


Have you ever felt you couldn’t remember ANYTHING? If I’m having a hard time retaining focus, chances are I also having a hard time retaining information. Rosemary to the rescue! This is a great oil to help support memory. If you ever suffer from being scatter brained, you want to add this oil to your collection.

Woman trying to focus at workIf you have a hard time maintaining focus, I encourage you to try essential oils in helping to support you! It is such an easy and simple way to help and can make a big difference.


If you don’t have the oils and you need to obtain them, you can get them here.

And if you want to start using essential oils more regularly in your day to day life, the Free 5 Days of Essential Oils Challenge is unlike any other essential oil course out there. You will begin to use your oils with confidence and clarity! And it starts January 26th!

What essential oils do you use when you need extra help staying on task? Do you have any other go-to tips to help with focus? Share them in the comments below!


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