Are you ready to transform your space, mind, and body in only 10 weeks… by taking easy, realistic actions? 


Now is the time to TAKE ACTION. Now is the time for LESS NOISE. Now is the time FOR MORE MEANING. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU.


Are you ready to transform your space, mind, and body in only 10 weeks… by taking easy, realistic actions? 


Now is the time to TAKE ACTION. Now is the time for LESS NOISE. Now is the time FOR MORE MEANING. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU.


Welcome to the 10 Week Summer Transformation
Starting June 18th

Welcome to the 10 Week Summer Transformation!

In only 10 weeks, you will create a profound transformation in every area of your life. You’ll be guided step-by-step through an easy to follow process that allows you to clear your personal space, solidify your spiritual foundation, and strengthen, trim, and tone your physical body.

We both know how demanding your life already is. These 10 weeks are mapped out specifically to make each step achievable, even if you have a hectic lifestyle.

While you progress through each area, using simplified and actionable steps, you will become a stronger, better, and more intentional person. Through accountability, guidance, and action, the Summer Transformation will create habits and patterns that will inspire continued growth and success for years to come!

You will receive:

  • The Full Clutter-Free Naturally Course ($49.97 Value)
  • The Full Naturally Spiritual Course ($197 Value)
  • The Full Shed & Shine Course ($197 Value)
  • 16 Live Support Calls ($480 Value)
  • Private Online Community ($60 Value)

You’ll get everything you need to succeed!

Making any kind of lifestyle change – good or bad – can be scary and overwhelming. You feel lost, unsure and skeptical of success – believe me, I understand first-hand. That’s exactly what inspired me to build, both the community and professional support, into the Summer Transformation.


Which is why with the 10 Week Summer Transformation you will also receive:

  • Access to a community of people just like you.
  • Tools to use quick, daily actions to clear clutter for good.
  • A deep, meaningful, and realistic meditation discipline.
  • The direction to find a way of eating and moving that works with your body.
  • Guidance, activity sheets… and most importantly, fun!
  • Lifetime access.
  • An everlasting experience that will leave you stronger: mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Are you ready to create the life you truly deserve this summer?

I'm Ready

Starts June 18th

Clutter-Free Naturally (6/18-7/1)

What is Clutter-Free Naturally?

Throughout this 14 Day Space-Clearing Course:

  • We’ll go room by room. I’ll give you ideas and the “whys”, and you’ll set a goal, then action steps and move on them! Soon you’ll find your home clutter free, inviting, and serene.
  • We’ll resolve to clear the space to leave room for more productivity and calm. We’ll talk about how to do it, and then make it happen.
  • We will spend a little time looking at any clutter in your feelings, beliefs, and resentments that have built up in your relationships
  • You will receive fresh materials and actionable, bite-sized steps each day that are yours to re-visit and refresh with whenever you see fit.
  • You will end your 14-day course feeling refreshed, lighter, and have habits and tools that you can carry forward to maintain your cleared space… ready to move on to the next 28 days of inner work with Naturally Spiritual!
What will I receive?

The Clutter-Free Naturally Course is a digital product. It will be delivered through daily emails and within the private online community. 



  • Clutter-Free Naturally Course Materials
    • Preparation Guide
    • 14 Daily Emails
    • Daily Bite-Sized Materials
    • Step-by-Step Action Steps
    • Exclusive Online Community

Just imagine… less clutter in your life… peaceful, stress-free surroundings!!

  • You’ll experience less overwhelm, less anxiety, and less stress
  • No longer feel shame or guilt over the clutter in your life
  • Feel more motivated to cook healthy foods, knowing exactly where your cooking utensils are and not worrying that the mess will sit around for the next week
  • You won’t worry about being featured on the next season of Hoarders
  • Less accumulation of dust, mold, and mildew… you will literally breathe easier
  • Experience more inspiration and creativity, putting more living into your life
  • Make lasting friendships during the program
  • Have a handle on clutter, creating self-esteem and confidence that shines through in every area of your life
  • Create habits and routines to keep your life clutter-free
  • Feel happier, more optimistic, and more excited about life
  • Confidently invite company over without being afraid of them seeing your messy home

Naturally Spiritual (7/2-7/29)

What is Naturally Spiritual?
Throughout this 28-Day Spiritual Course:

  • I am going to help you find your “sweet spot” for meditation: how and when it works for you.
  • I will teach you to combat stress through deep mediation – and your body will thank you for it.
  • You will experience a daily life that “shines brighter” and has more meaning.
  • I will teach you to create a deep, meaningful, and intentional mediation discipline that will act as a base and continue to grow, at our own pace.
  • I will help you to understand the fundamentals of meditation that you can adapt and change along the way to fit your needs.
  • You will receive fresh materials and actionable, activity sheets throughout each of the 28 days that are yours to re-visit and refresh with whenever you see fit.
  • You will receive 19 individual, guided audio mediations to lead you through your meditation journey.
  • You will end your 28-day course feeling refreshed, balanced and inspired to go for the lifestyle you crave – overflowing with substance, meaningful relationships, and significant experiences.
What will I receive?
The Naturally Spiritual Course is a digital product. It will be available for download with a username and password that is emailed to you upon purchase.  Materials will be received daily to help with your success and prevent overwhelm.


  • Naturally Spiritual Course Materials
    • Preparation Guide
    • 28 Daily Release Modules
    • Daily Bite-Sized Materials
    • Daily Meditations
    • 19 Guided Audio Meditations
    • Essential Oils in Meditation Booklet
    • Meditation Naturally – 160 page e-book

Get Ready to Feel Cool, Calm, and Collected!

  • Discover how meditation can fit into any lifestyle – no matter how demanding and busy.
  • Learn about the most cost-effective tools to reduce stress, improve overall health, and increase joy.
  • Experience the bliss that comes with a lifestyle of clarity.
  • Live a life with less anxiety and depression.
  • Increase your productivity – professionally and personally!
  • Make peace with your past.
  • Bust through personal barriers and hurdle mindset obstacles.
  • Live an intentional life with emotional stability.
  • Discover a truly meaningful life that allows you to radiate happiness and harmony.

Shed & Shine (7/30-8/26)

What is Shed & Shine?

Throughout this 28-Day Body Transformation Course:

  • You’ll learn how to listen to your gut and trust your body to let you know what you should be eating. Don’t expect a bunch of no-carb, low-fat, raw, vegetarian meals or a strict list of what you have to eat.
  • I’ll show you the best kept secrets founded on the principles of bio-individuality, meaning no cookie cutter approaches, because everybody is different.
  • You’ll find out what are the best superfoods on the planet, how should you select them and simple ways to incorporate them into daily living.
  • You’ll find out which, if any, supplements work best for you.
  • I’ll give you understandable and practical information about digestion, probiotics, and enzymes. Your body will thank you for it.
  • You’ll explore how you can lose weight by adding in healthy foods.
  • You’ll learn which foods you want to stay away from completely. You may be surprised.
  • I’ll help you to do more cooking at home with delicious whole foods… around your busy schedule.
  • You’ll learn the truth about “carbs”.
  • You’ll practice eating out responsibly. Yes…you can even travel and still eat healthy.
  • You’ll discover there are healthy fats…and find out which ones.
  • We’ll locate your Primary Food sources and find out how they can influence your weight more than calorie counting and deprivation combined.
  • Beauty tips – real beauty
  • You will end your 10 weeks with this 28-day course feeling refreshed, balanced, and confident. You’ll have created noticable changes in your personal space, your mind, and your body… and you’ll have the tools and support to maintain them, or even further the process.
What will I receive?

The Shed & Shine Course is a digital product. It will be available for download with a username and password that is emailed to you upon purchase.  Materials will be received daily to help with your success and prevent overwhelm.

Look good and feel good too!

  • A holistic approach to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle
  • Recipes that are simple, easy, and healthy
  • No dwelling on calories, carbs, or fats
  • Find answers unique to you
  • Personalized program unique to you and your health with The True Health Assessment
  • Achieve your optimal weight
  • A lifetime of balance and happiness
  • Incredible support and encouragement every step of the way!



  • Shed & Shine Program Materials
    • Preparation Package
    • Recipe Guide
    • Audio Hypnosis Mp3s
    • 28 Daily Love Notes
    • Food Diary

    • Adaptable Workout Plan
    • Exercise Videos

Starts June 18th

Changes that Last a Lifetime – ONLY $497
Pre-Sale Pricing $197

100% Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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  2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
  3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
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