Detox… it’s almost a dirty word these days.

Detoxification is more than just a fad, it’s completely valid. If something is toxic, it’s harmful… so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to make sure to remove anything harmful you may be subjected to, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or physical.


Cleansing or detoxing, however, isn’t going to magically allow you shed pounds, cure you, etc., but if there is something toxic built up in your body that may be prohibiting your metabolism from functioning properly, that makes energy production sluggish, is interrupting your mental faculties, or is making you ill, then it can help a great deal. But, again, only if that is the cause.

Why You Should Detox

Chances are though, you probably do have a higher toxic input than output. Our bodies have amazing abilities to remove anything toxic, yet many times this day in age, it becomes overworked, overloaded, and we end up retaining and even storing toxins physically. This isn’t even touching the topic of toxic emotional situations!

This is why it’s important to find ways to either lower your exposure or to remove toxins. It would be impossible to completely avoid any toxins and it can be pretty unpleasant if you spend all of your energy avoiding anything that could harm you. I’ve personally found the most beneficial thing to do is replace toxins with non-toxic alternatives, but not beating my head against the wall if there are things that truly make me happy that may carry toxins. That is where finding ways to detox comes in.


Detox Baths

Detox baths are an extremely easy way to help lower your toxic load. Most items needed are probably already in your own home or very easily attainable. Plus they are super relaxing!

If the idea of doing a cleanse or detox scares you, a detox bath is a great place to start. They are very gentle as they don’t require you to change your diet, eat or drink anything special, and are not nearly as intimidating as conventional detoxes can be.

Detox baths have been around for centuries and are used all of the time for eliminating toxins, helping the body absorb minerals and nutrients, aiding in skin health, and easing sore muscles. You’ll find that a lot of ingredients used in detox baths have benefits beyond aiding in detoxification too. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the multifaceted benefits!


Simple Steps

Before bathing, it’s always a good idea to dry brush your skin, which will help shed dead layers of skin off, speed up your lymphatic system, and smooth your skin. You’ll also want to make sure to be well hydrated, while the bath is helping to pull toxins from your body, it can also be a bit dehydrating so drink plenty of water both before and after.

Making a detox bath can be as simple as adding a cup of Epsom Salts or Bentonite Clay to your bath. It doesn’t have to be fancy and you’ll find the guide below has many easy to make recipes you can try.

So go ahead and set aside 30-60 minutes, grab the Detox Recipes, dim the lights, turn on some soft music, relax, and enjoy some powerful self-nurturing while you detox!

If you’ve ever done a cleanse, detox, or taken a detox bath, let me know your take-away in the comments below… if not… share why not!

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  1. Danielle

    I try to take at least one detox bath per week as part of my Lyme disease treatment. It’s great for pulling out toxins and it can be relaxing, too.

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